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Need to learn English in today’s world

English, though predominantly a language of the West, has gained considerable ground across India. Speaking in English has indeed become a part of our daily lives. Be it attending parents-teacher meetings at school or attending interviews or colleagues at the professional front, be it at the airport or even our social circle, English is the language that is used as the preferred medium to communicate. Today even to connect through the social networking channels like Facebook or WhatsApp, English is most avidly used despite regional language being available as an option. Probably this is the reason why, everyone feels the need to be able to speak and write English fluently. Though most of us understand English at different levels, challenges we face is mostly when it comes to speaking. We can read and write but get stuck with words while conversing. Or else, even if we wish to converse, most of the time, we are not sure if the sentences are grammatically correct. People even hesitate to talk in English with the fear that they may be made fun of. But surprisingly, English like most other language, can actually be fun to learn, if the approach is simple yet focused.

March 9, 2017
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