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At Aiuto, We believe that the selection of a new ERP or business information system should begin with your business needs and not with a pre -defined list of software. That’s why we always begin with the selection process by spending time within your business. We spend time speaking to your people, understanding your objectives and analyzing your processes.

The ERP system selection process can be tailored to your exact requirements giving you as much assistance as you need from an initial business review, to the generation of a specification document through to system selection.

We understand that every client will have different requirements depending on the type of project, which we do based on the 3- approaches that meaningfully bring together the needs to People, Information technology and Business Management.

The deployment of an efficient and successful business system does not happen by itself. It also doesn’t happen necessarily by simply assigning a large budget to a project and buying the most modern and expensive of whatever is available.  It happens as a result of professional project scoping and system design carried out with the support, guidance and advice only a truly experienced and knowledgeable business partner can provide.

Technology & Consulting Services



Supporting & Client Servicing


Aiuto consulting delivers solutions to its customers in two service lines SAP and Oracle.

Supporting & Client Servicing

We at Aiuto provide the complete application management services (AMS) to your applications on SAP and neighborhood systems. Our maintenance service typically begins with corrective maintenance, evolving to adaptive, preventive, and perfectible maintenance.

We fundamentally review all aspects of the service delivery and concentrates on realization of the outcomes.

The application maintenance definition is set through Service Level Agreement, defining basic corrective maintenance range activity and working methodology.

SAP support services help you troubleshoot, maintain and enhance the efficiency and uptime of your SAP solutions.

  • Aiuto offering SAP Support (AMS) as following deliverables.
  • Production support Onsite/Offsite
  • Functional & technical Support
  • Research & Impact Analysis
  • Documentation & Validation
  • Independent Validation Testing Support
  • 24×7 around the clock monitoring services
  • Help desk services
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