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Become an English Trainer

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Become an English Language Trainer!

A True Story…

Madhulika Saha, from the outskirts of Bengal is a first division holder in History. She is a graduate and an excellent student. Her father is a school teacher and she wanted to support him.

She had a dream to work in an office. But when she came out for a job to Kolkata she was disheartened.

She found that she could not clear even the first round since she could not match up with the English fluency. To try out something relevant to her qualification, she tried out in reputed schools, but even there English stood as an impediment.

The global world has made it imperative or compulsory for individuals to communicate in English, be it verbal or written. It is a smart world that screens the cream of candidates.. so if you are smart with technology and communication, you have a chance.

This is the reason why, today, the Indian education and grooming segment shows a huge demand for English trainers in various fields like Telecom, Hospitality, Education, Retail, Customer care service including BPOs and many more. We understand the need to develop good trainers for English Language. Keeping this in mind Aiuto has developed a unique module for the aspiring youngsters, who want to train people through various innovative methods in this competitive job market.

Teaching is an art but training is a skill that needs to be guided and equipped with several tools and technologies to make the training effective and leave a lasting impression. Aiuto is committed to provide world class learning experience to its learners and give them what is actually required in today’s environment.

The module is designed, based on the market demand and is delivered by highly experienced and certified trainers using practical sessions with activities, workshops and demonstrations.

On the completion of the course, based on evaluation & audience reviews, all participants who qualify through 5 live training demo sessions and written exam shall be awarded with certificates by AIUTO.

Role of the Trainer –

Teaching English language encompasses a wide range of content. English language trainers need to understand individual ability of every student to frame grammatically correct sentences relevant and appropriate vocabulary, confidence to speak in public and presentation skills.


Personality Traits of an English Language Trainer-

  • Knowledge to speak and write English correctly
  • Confidence to address an audience
  • Passion for training
  • Potential to engage the participants
  • Can deliver the content successfully through innovative methods

Confidence Building

Most of us have a fear to speak in front of an audience. Even though we know what to speak, when we walk on to the stage we turn blank. Or sometimes, the words do come to our mind, but we get stuck with lack of vocabulary and ability to express ourselves in English. Through live demonstrations and various techniques like group discussions, extempore and others, the confidence in public speaking is developed.

Strong Communication Skills

Communication skills do not involve solely speaking. It includes written, actions and presentation skills too. The skills to write and train students in Email writing, official emails, formal applications, power point presentation skills, interview skills is a part of the communication skills. Voice modulation, pronunciation, diction and accent correction is an integral part of the course content.

Training Methodology

Train The Trainer for English Communication includes training through several methods. The methods include classroom training, Engagement Activities, Learn and Do, Audio Visual Aids, PPT presentation, Group discussions, debates, mock situations and many more…
The Methodology includes Students Interactions, 5 trial sessions, Evaluation, Assessment and Certification.


What are the career prospects of an English language Trainer in India?

English communication trainers have scope across various industries like customer service, hospitality, grooming, education and many more. Most industries require employees with effective communication skills and their training department works or even hires trainers to upgrade these skills. An English Communication Trainer is in demand for all such requirements.


What will the TTT program help me to become a trainer?

It will train you in every aspect to develop training skills esp. as an English Trainer through interesting methods include classroom training, Engagement Activities, Learn and Do, Audio Visual Aids, PPT presentation, Group discussions, debates , mock situations


How is Aiuto TTT different from others?

Firstly the unbeatable price. Usually TTT programs are extremely expensive. Aiuto makes it affordable with no compromise on quality or content.

Secondly it is one of the very few institutes in Kolkata that provides language specific training ensuring quality and confidence.


Will I be getting a certificate after completing the training?

Yes, upon successful completion of the training and 3sets of evaluation, you will be awarded with a certificate by Aiuto.


Will I get a job after completing this training?

Yes, upon successful completion of the training and evaluation, 100% assistance will be provided from Aiuto. We have a strong network base of companies in an around Kolkata from different domain i.e. IT/ITES, Telecom, Retail, Hospitality and many more.

Out of every batch, 2 best candidates will be selected who will be working for our own company.


Will I be getting any discount in the fees?

No Individual discounts are not applicable but people coming in a group they will get a special discount. For more details, our help desk can be contacted.

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